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Our durable closed cell foam has no quit when it comes to supporting agile, high impact athletics.

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Stay Dry

The waterproof qualities of this closed cell foam make it an ideal choice for training year round in any condition.

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Daily Durability

Love high impact sports? Our shock absorbing insoles, midsoles and outsoles take a pounding so that your body doesn’t.

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Impact Protection

Durapontex's shock absorbing insoles and padding give you lightweight protection that allows you to play your hardest.

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Recycled Material

Our Durapontex foam products are sustainably manufactured and contain up to 70% recycled production waste.

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Be Active Without Limits

Durapontex offers the structured support, customization and versatility to meet the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

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Closed The Loop

DSC has been incorporating closed-loop manufacturing into our product line for the past 50 years. We’ve designed a system that allows us to store the in-house production waste, regrind and reuse them in the next production cycle.

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Customize Until You Are Content

From color all the way to the actual foam chemical composition, there is no aspect of our product that we are unable to customize to your product specifications.

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Highly Versatile

Our product line ranges from ultra lightweight and plush to the firmest and most protective sports performance padding.

Our Durapontex Materials

Contact us to request a sample or to discuss any customization needs you may have.

Durapontex Essential

Light On Your Feet.
Light On The Planet.

Lightweight and cushioned to keep you moving easy and feeling great. Essential’s 3R variation (reduce, reuse, regrind) uses remarkably less virgin materials than most foams on the market.

Durapontex 3R E28

Eco Icon Eco Content: 20%

  • Hardness: 33±3 Asker C%
  • Density: Max 0.1 g/cm3

Durapontex Supreme

Go Further Go Supreme.

The Durapontex Supreme is our best-selling foam family, recognized throughout the industry as the gold standard of closed-cell foam. Supreme footbeds feel soft and light underfoot, and have an optimized compression set that guarantees a solid and comfortable foundation.

Durapontex 3R+ S35

Eco Icon Eco Content: 70%

  • Hardness: 35±3 Asker C%
  • Density: Max 0.2 g/cm3

Durapontex BIO

Cleaner Planet. Greener Shoe.

Inspired by the biosphere, the Earth’s zone of life, Durapontex Bio has an organic-based composition of 20% algae. This foam does not sacrifice on performance and is known for its resilient structural integrity, guaranteed to hold its shape and stay comfortable for the lifetime of most shoes.

Durapontex BIO

Eco Icon Eco Content: 20%

  • Hardness: 34±3 Asker C%
  • Density: Max 0.2 g/cm3

Durapontex Qinetiq

Powerful + Plush.

Qinetiq keeps you in motion and feeling energetic thanks to its gel-like cushiony underfoot feel. Qinetiq also provides outstanding shock absorption, making it the perfect choice for footwear intended for high-impact sports activities.

Durapontex Q-PLUSH 25C

Eco Icon Eco Content: 5%

  • Hardness: 25±3 Asker C%
  • Density: 0.12-0.15 g/cm3

Durapontex Core

Stay In The Game.

The real ingenuity of the Core is its ability to protect players without weighing them down. On top of its superior shock-absorbing quality, it has also been calibrated for a lightweight feel, allowing for the nimble movements that make the difference in every game. This material is perfect for sports padding product.

Durapontex Core48

Eco Icon Eco Content: 20%

  • Hardness: 48±3 Asker C%
  • Density: Max0.12 g/cm3

Durapontex LITE

Fly First Class.

Durapontex LITE will make your customers feel ready to take off to new heights. Even with its featherweight, buoyant design, our LITE series insoles are able to retain excellent resiliency, ensuring wearers ease of movement without losing support.

Durapotex Lite 35

Eco Icon Eco Content: 0%

  • Hardness: 35±3 Asker C%
  • Density: Max 0.06 g/cm3

Durapontex Pro-Grip

Conquer The Elements.

Our Pro-Grip is a robust material that is ideal for use as an outsole, with a robust, slip-resistant surface that will keep your customers on their feet. Pro-Grip foam is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and proven quality.

Durapontex Pro-grip 500

Eco Icon Eco Content: Max 50%

  • Hardness: 60±3 Asker C%
  • Density: Max 0.5 g/cm3

Durapontex Shield

Your First Line Of Defense.

Give your customers the confidence to go all-out on the field, knowing that padding made with Shield foam has them protected. Shield foam is perfect for a variety of sports applications and is able to match the strength and endurance of the toughest players.

Durapontex SH40

Eco Icon Eco Content: 20%

  • Hardness: 40±5 Asker C%
  • Density: Max 0.13 g/cm3

*Eco content refers to recycled production waste, bio materials or a combination of the two.

**Colors are fully customizable for all of the materials listed above.