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In 1976, DSC became the first Taiwanese footbed manufacturer to supply the world’s leading sports brands. We are one of the only companies with the ability to sustainably produce both open and closed cell foam at scale.

With seven manufacturing facilities in operation, our production capabilities have expanded to include a broad range of footwear components including footbeds, midsoles, outsoles and upper materials. From everyday comfort to athletic performance, our products can be adapted to fit designs within every category of footwear.

Customized Performance Footbed

Providing advanced rebound and recovery, our engineered foam can deliver a different level of comfort and performance.

Perforated Breathability

Offering custom 2d design and numerous perforation patterns no detail of your shoe design is overlooked.

Durapontex Flex Dreamcell Aerflex
Multi Layer Upper Package

Multi Layer Upper Package

Whether a standard upper package or custom 2D or 3D Molding design, we’ve got it covered.

Durapontex Flex Dreamcell Aerflex

Robust Ground Contact

Robust, slip-resistant midsole and outsole made with recycled content.

Sports Padding Accessories

Our customized foam solutions for padding accessories has helped many of the world’s leading sportswear brands provide superior protection for millions of athletes. Whatever sports protection gear you’re designing, our foam will add unbeatable quality and performance to your designs.

Shock Absorbing, Lightweight Mobility

Enjoy the benefits of maximum shock absorbing protection without shouldering the weight. This product is ideally suited for our Durapontex Shield family of materials.

Elite Protection For The Most Physical Sports

Optimize your sports performance with our revolutionary shock-absorbing and lightweight technology. This product is ideally suited for our Durapontex Shield family of materials.


DSC foam has been used in the furniture industry since the 1960s in products such as Reverie® mattresses. DSC worked with Reverie to develop a foam spring for its customizable mattresses. These foam springs come in four different firmness levels, allowing Reverie to customize every mattress to the individual customer.

Custom Sleep Support Graphic

Custom Sleep Support

Customized firmness levels from ultra soft to firm, provides unique comfort for each customer’s support needs.

Performance Proven by Experience

At DSC, we innovate together. Only through working closely with our customers can we achieve the highest level of product compatibility and performance.