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DSC’s Run the Relay Clean-Up Initiative

Promoting a Cleaner Future Through Community Efforts

At DSC, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and the communities where we operate. As a part of our Run the Relay initiative, DSC embarked on a four week clean-up mission in the local communities surrounding our factories in Vietnam and Indonesia. Each week, one of our factories held the baton, stepping out into nature to pick up waste. The volunteers then meticulously sorted it into recycling and garbage bins to be disposed of responsibly before passing the baton to the next factory. The rotation of factories completing this hands-on cleanup and passing the baton each week, symbolizes the collective effort that Run the Relay (RTR) represents.

Run the Relay: The People Sector

We developed RTR as a comprehensive program that can be implemented within all scopes of our business to address our carbon footprint. We focus on development of our people, use of sustainable materials in our production cycle, and producing zero waste and a smaller carbon footprint as the basis of this program. This four-week clean-up initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among our team members. Other components of our people development sector, such as Voluntary Vegan Mondays, sustainability training sessions, and carbon footprint verification workshops, complement this hands-on approach. We hope that DSC can help raise awareness about the significance of effective waste management and recycling through this group clean-up.

Community Clean up is a Group Effort 

Donning DSC hats and vibrant vests, our volunteers diligently sorted through waste, collectively covering approximately four miles around the five participating factories. We believe that every small act can inspire positive change, which embodies the essence of Run the Relay. Moreover, we aim to raise awareness about proper waste disposal and recycling through this mission. Transitioning to a zero carbon, zero waste future is a marathon, not a sprint, and the more people join our relay, the greater positive impact we can achieve.

To kick off our RTR clean-up initiative, volunteers began in Vietnam at Dah Chen, collaborating to collect waste and recycling before passing the baton to Active Creation in week two. 

Next up was Dahsheng, who passed the baton to P.T. Dah Sheng in Indonesia. 

P.T. Dah Sheng held the baton during week three as they collected and sorted even more before passing it to our final factory, P.T. Dah Ju.

The success of our RTR clean-up mission highlights how even simple efforts can drive positive change. We are grateful to the 300+ dedicated volunteers whose participation ensured the success of this initiative, embodying our shared vision for a zero waste, zero carbon future. Their commitment underscores the pivotal role our people play in making a tangible impact within our community. To find out more about DCS’s Run the Relay, visit our RTR page and join us in our vision for a cleaner, more sustainable planet.