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DSC Launches Athlete Engagement Program, Sponsors Portland Track Festival

DSC is Committed to Understanding Athletes’ Performance Needs

PORTLAND, Ore., June 6, 2024 – Dahsheng Chemical (DSC ® ), a leading performance foam manufacturer, is proud to sponsor the 16th annual Portland Track Festival, and the launch of DSC’s Athlete Engagement Program. This initiative is part of DSC’s ongoing commitment to listening to athletes’ insights.

“Our Athlete Engagement Program exemplifies our commitment to athlete-driven innovation,” said Johnson Chang, CEO of Dahsheng Chemical. “By collaborating closely with athletes, we gain invaluable insights that empower us and our brand partners, to develop cutting-edge foam materials that set new industry standards for performance and comfort.”

DSC is dedicated to supporting local athletes. At the Portland Track Festival, DSC will distribute 1000 pairs of insoles to elite runners, featuring two performance insoles DREAMCELL™ PX and DURAPONTEX™ N20.

On the track and roads, athletes are especially excited about the DURAPONTEX N20––a nitrogen infused supercritical foam. The innovation behind this advanced material creates an ultra-lightweight insole that delivers unparalleled 70% resiliency and rebound, reaching new levels of performance and comfort.

The DREAMCELL PX insole elevates the athlete experience. Engineered with advanced, high resilience, open-cell PU foam, this cutting-edge performance insole delivers unparalleled 50% rebound and superior breathability, keeping athletes comfortable and supported in every stride of their journeys.

The DSC Athlete Engagement Program will kick off at the Portland Track Festival and will extend to several running clubs across the U.S. Wear testers in the program will run at least 50 miles in a pair of DSC’s most innovative insoles. DSC will then collect the feedback and data and use it to better engineer high-performance products. DSC aims to expand the Athlete Engagement Program in the future to include additional sports.

Founded in 1945, Dahsheng Chemical has been a pioneer in foam innovation for the sports and bedding industries. Known for their premium comfort and performance foam DURAPONTEX™ and DREAMCELL™, DSC supplies its foam materials and components to some of the world’s top brands, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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