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DSC Goes Vegan to Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22, DSC organized a company-wide Go Vegan Day in recognition of Earth Day.

Earth Day is an annual celebration created to unite the environmental conservation movement and bring awareness to preserving our natural resources for future generations. Earth day holds a special significance for DSC and we wanted to do something extra special to highlight this occasion in honor of our beautiful planet. On April 22, DSC organized a company-wide Go Vegan Day in recognition of Earth Day.

Why DSC Went Vegan for Earth Day 

At DSC, our commitment to positive environmental impact led us to Go Vegan for Earth Day this year. As our understanding of climate change mitigation grows, it’s becoming increasingly clear that one of the greatest challenges lies in the environmental toll of our food supply chain. Research from Our World in Data reveals that this chain contributes over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. Despite these daunting climate crisis statistics, individuals can make a meaningful difference through their food choices. Even adopting a vegan diet for just a single day can yield significant benefits. By collectively embracing these small changes, we can drive meaningful progress toward healing our planet. Just one conversation can catalyze the trend of plant-based eating, propelling us toward a more sustainable future.

How it Went 

We extended an invitation to all our employees, spanning various factories and offices globally, to participate in Go Vegan for Earth Day. Employees were encouraged to capture the essence of the day by photographing their vegan lunches. The response was overwhelming, with our email inboxes flooded with vibrant images showcasing colorful fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, tofu, and an array of creative vegan dishes. We also encouraged everyone to share recipes and tips with their colleagues, fostering dialogue and inspiration around vegan and plant-based choices. It’s clear that even small changes, such as reducing animal product consumption, can have a monumental impact if embraced on a larger scale. We are proud of our employees for embracing Go Vegan Day and hope that it can spark even more positive changes.

Continued Commitment to Environmental Stewardship 

While Earth Day may come only once a year, our commitment to protecting and honoring our planet extends far beyond this annual event. From repurposing our production waste, embracing renewable energy and development of products that reduce our carbon footprint, DSC is making strides everyday to take accountability for our part. We stand by our mission for a zero waste, zero carbon future and work hard to reach our sustainability targets. To learn more about DSC’s commitment to environmental stewardship, please visit our Run the Relay page and check out our resources page to read more about the ways we take action to help our planet every day.