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Dahsheng Chemical Leads Eco Innovation with Supercritical Foam, Delivering a Lower Carbon Footprint Insole with Superior Performance

DURAPONTEX N33 Bio Utilizes Bio-based Materials to Create a Sustainable Insole, Built for Lightweight Performance

PORTLAND, Ore., January 31, 2023 – Dahsheng Chemical (DSC®), a leading performance foam manufacturer, launches its groundbreaking eco innovation, DURAPONTEX™ N33 Bio, at the NE and NW Materials Shows. DURAPONTEX N33 Bio paves the way for a lower carbon footprint utilizing bio-based material, while maintaining superior performance.

“The DSC innovation team has revolutionized industry eco standards, taking the DURAPONTEX N-Series and supercritical foaming technology further than ever before, with the creation of N33 Bio,” said Mei-Fen Wei, Chief Operation Officer of Dahsheng Chemical. “It sets a new benchmark for lower carbon footprint materials, utilizing an impressive 44 percent bio-based content. This innovation not only aligns with the increasing demand for eco-friendly options but also ensures top-notch performance, showcasing our dedication to both sustainability and excellence in product functionality.”

DURAPONTEX N33 Bio demonstrates that a performance insole can achieve an ultra-light weight design, possess remarkably high resiliency scores, and be sustainable. Comprising 44% bio-based content, N33 Bio showcases an innovative approach that confirms the effectiveness of utilizing eco-friendly materials with outstanding physical properties, leading to superior performance qualities. This enables the N-Series to adapt to a wide range of stresses, without compromising its structural integrity. The N33 Bio has a low-density performance of 0.07+/- 0.01. DSC will showcase the N33 Bio for the first time at the NE and NW Materials Show, and will demonstrate the N33 Bio’s exceptional rebound capabilities with a consistent maximum resiliency of 70%.

With the DURAPONTEX N-Series, DSC was the first brand to utilize supercritical foaming technology in the development of an insole at scale. Supercritical foaming technology requires consistent high temperature and pressure control. Nitrogen gas emissions are infused, leading to an innovative transformation. As a result, a soft foam cell is made with consistent room between the bubble-like cells, creating an ultra-lightweight insole that delivers unparalleled resiliency and rebound. 

In line with DSC’s commitment to sustainability, the N-Series foam is 100% recyclable, paving the way toward its sustainable business plan, Run the Relay. DSC’s sustainable product range includes, DURAPONTEX N33 Bio and DREAMCELL™ ZERO, made with 100% recycled foam waste. Sustainable innovations, such as DREAMCELL™ XPRESSO, are made with 20% spent coffee grounds, decreasing the amount of fossil fuels, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions in the production process. 

Founded in 1945, Dahsheng Chemical has been a pioneer in foam innovation for the sports and bedding industries. Known for their premium comfort and performance foam DURAPONTEX™ and DREAMCELL™, DSC supplies its foam materials and components to some of the world’s top brands, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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