Making big changes requires a far-reaching, panoramic vision. These are the targets we've set our sights on, which we plan to achieve by 2025.


(2021 levels)

50 %

Carbon Emissions

50% of our carbon emission will be reduced

100 %


100% of our in-house foam waste will be recycled and reused in production process

Renewable Energy

Use renewable energy to power our production facilities

80 %


80% of our freshwater usage will be cut down


Learn about the ongoing initiatives at DSC which will help us achieve our 2025 targets.


  • Producing zero waste
  • Sustainable Material
  • Carbon Footprint Verification
50 %

of our carbon emissions will be reduced by 2025.

  • Producing zero waste

    Instead of throw it into landfill, we will recycle our in-house production waste and reused them in the next production process.

  • Sustainable Material

    We continually develop materials with higher recycled content and bio content that reduce the usage of fossil fuels and chemicals.

  • Carbon Footprint Verification

    Currently we are working with consultant company on carbon footprint verification in factories and our materials, this will allow us to provide our customers a transparent product carbon footprint by end of 2022.


    Our path to creating zero waste by 2025 consists of 3 core practices:

    • Closed-loop manufacturing
    • Partner recycle program
    • Material innovation
    100 %

    of our foam waste will be recycled and reused into production process by 2025.

    • Closed-loop manufacturing

      DSC has been incorporating closed-loop manufacturing into our product line for the past 50 years. We’ve designed a system that allow us to store the in-house production waste, regrind and reuse them in the next production cycle.

    • Partner recycle program

      To help meet our customers’ enormous demand for recycled materials, we’ ve rolled out waste recycle program with our local partners in Vietnam, recyling more production waste from our partner factories.

    • Material innovation

      A huge step toward meeting our 2025 zero-waste goal came from our R&D team, which successfully developed a foam material that is made from 100% recycled PU waste—the Dreamcell ZERO.


      We are currently using solar energy to power lights, air conditioning, and hot water in multiple factories across southeast Asia. To further reduce our GHG emissions, DSC is continually working to widen the scope of its solar energy program to supply power for factory operation needs.

      Expand the renewable energy to power

      production facilities.


      80 %

      of our freshwater usage will be cut down

      We are currently implementing both water-saving devices and rain harvesting systems in our facilities in Asia in order to minimize freshwater usage. As our efforts expand and further water preservation and recycling methods are implemented, we project that the percentage of freshwater we’re saving can be increased to 80% by 2025.


      The Green Box Program

      DSC is proudly committed to supporting our customers’ sustainability goals in every facet of our business. Our reusable Green Box is sturdy and waterproof, it is the ideal sustainable packaging solution for your product delivery.

      • Recycled PE Material
      • Velcro Instead of Tape
      • Reusable up to 17 times
      • Local-to-local delivery

      Environmental savings of every 1,000 green boxes used each year.

      • 68 trees
      • 1.4 tons of waste from landfill
      • 281 kg of carbon emissions

      Sustainability is a team sport that we all run together, each of us doing our part in carrying the baton of sustainability forward. If you share the same vision, we want to work with you, together we can reach new heights of sustainability and product quality, for the benefit of our planet and the people we share it with. Join The Relay Now >

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