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Durapontex N-Series Debuts as a New Favorite Foam for Athletes

Athletes around the globe, of all abilities, are constantly looking for an edge when it comes to their performance.

Athletes around the globe, of all abilities, are constantly looking for an edge when it comes to their performance. Through leveraging innovation, manufacturing experience, and trusted lab testing, DSC is again moving the performance needle with the introduction of the Durapontex N-Series. This new line of foam and foam component products utilize supercritical foaming technology in the development of insoles at scale.

What is Supercritical Foaming?

In general, “supercritical foaming” this term refers to a method of creating a foam using a supercritical fluid, which is a substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point. When a gas is in a supercritical state, it possesses both gas-like and liquid-like properties, making it an excellent solvent for certain materials.

During the creation of Durapontex N-Series, DSC infused the foaming process with Nitrogen. As result, a soft foam cell is made with consistent room between the bubble-like cells, creating an ultra-lightweight insole that delivers unparalleled resiliency and rebound.

Lightweight and unmatched rebound, resilience, and guaranteed high energy return.

Compared to traditional closed-cell foams, DSC’s Durapontex N-Series foams boast significantly lower density markers, leading to a lighter material. This attribute proves especially advantageous in applications where weight reduction is critical. The decreased weight not only enhances comfort and reduces fatigue but also elevates overall performance. What truly captured the attention of our engineers is the exceptional energy return properties of Durapontex N-Series foams. Through rigorous testing, our engineers found that the material’s resiliency surpassed that of any foam available in the market, delivering premium energy return performance.

Runner’s favorite foam

In June 2023, DSC USA held a pre-launch event for the Durapontex N-Series at the Portland Track Festival. Our staff spent time at the 2-day event interacting with distance runners ranging from high school athletes all the way up to Olympic level competitors.

We received great feedback when the athlete tested the N-Series at the Portland Track Festival, that it was amazingly soft and bouncy, as well a new, favorite insole on the track.

The DURAPONTEX N-Series offers a range of options with various densities and rebounds, including the DURAPONTEX N20 and the DURAPONTEXT N23. DURAPONTEX N23 physical property scoring includes a resiliency score of 65% and a density score of 0.15 (g/cm3). DURAPONTEX N20 tips the performance scale, boasting a low-density performance of 0.05 (g/cm3) with a consistent maximum resiliency of 70%. Both materials will be showcased at the NE and NW Material shows this summer.