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DSC’s ISO 14064 Certification Highlights their Commitment to Goals for a Sustainable Manufacturing Future

A Decisive Step to Enhance GHG Transparency in Production

With its core mission to help the industry achieve a zero carbon, zero waste future, Dahsheng Chemical (DSC) is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded the ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint certification. This underscores their commitment to responsible manufacturing practices and a greater movement towards more sustainable and traceable production, industry wide. They have consistently been on the leading edge of this movement, and are continuously working to improve. In 2021, DSC set an ambitious goal to reduce their carbon emissions 50% by the year 2025. Receiving the ISO 14064 certification marks the initial phase of their plan to achieve this goal. 

The ISO 14064 certification serves as a comprehensive framework guiding organizations on measuring and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It also quantifies the impact of implemented measures to mitigate GHG, and ensures the reliability and accuracy of said GHG data through verification and validation processes. This certification provides an important reference for conducting an assessment of a company’s GHG inventory, and is the international standard across all industries. The ISO 14064 certification epitomizes the transparency needed within the industry to truly achieve a higher standard of sustainable production. The significance of this certification holds great value for DSC. 

The baseline year used for measuring DSC’s GHG emissions was 2021, when a rigorous process of mapping and measuring GHG data began at three of their production facilities in Southern Vietnam and their office in Taiwan. The ISO 14064 verification process will continue for the rest of DSC’s factories in Indonesia, Northern Vietnam and China in 2024. This will complete the GHG audit for all of DSC’s factories. These audits will make sure DSC is on track to meet their 50% carbon reduction goal by 2025. In addition to its verification, DSC has launched Run the Relay, a bold plan to achieve a zero-carbon, zero-waste future. The program focuses on reducing carbon emissions, transitioning to renewable energy, recycling waste, and fostering employee engagement in these endeavors. 

Established in 1945, DSC has been at the forefront of foam innovation in the sports and bedding industries. Renowned for their high-quality comfort and performance foams, including DURAPONTEX and DREAMCELL, DSC provides foam materials and components to leading global brands. DSC is confident that their commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices will lead to a cleaner, brighter future and hopes to inspire positive change across the industry.